Oboki Effect

  • Increases disease resistance and immunity by strengthening plant cell wall.
  • Causes nutrients to move in faster and also in uniform.

  • Crops increase sugar content and are naturally sweeter.

  • Yield increased.

  • Promote root growth.

  • Prevent cold and hot weather damage.

  • Naturally reduce damage by diseases and insect.

  • Prevent Overgrowth.

  • Hypertrophy of Roots.

  • Increases storage period.

  • Reduction in pesticide use by more than 60%

closeup photography of green plant inside green house
closeup photography of green plant inside green house

Sulfur Effect

Sulfur is a substance that is essential for protein synthesis in plant body

1. Anabolism - Process in metabolism that constructs larger molecules from smaller units, playing a vital role in biosynthesis and the building-up aspect of cellular processes.

2. Nitrogen fixation - The biological process by which atmospheric nitrogen is converted into a form usable by plants and other organisms.

3. Nitrogen Assimilation - The process through which organisms incorporate and utilize nitrogen in the form of amino acids and other organic compounds.

4. Absorption of Various Nutrients - Sulfur assists crops to absorb various nutrients more efficiently and faster.

5. Helps Beneficial Bacteria - Sulfur bacteria do not harm the crops but instead can help provide crops with additional nutrients.

6. Crop Growth Health - With Sulfur aiding the crop, it will create a healthier crop that grow fast and strong.

7. Brix up - Using sulfur causes the quality of the crops or Brix to go up.

8. Help with Sterilization and Insecticide - Sulfur are known to be good sterilizers and is a great alternative to harmful insecticides.

Silicate Effect

Formation of Silica Bilayer in Plant Epidermal Cell

1. Strengthening Plant- Silicate helps plant grow stronger

2. Increases Plant resistance to Disease - Helps plant gain more resistances to diseases

3. Prevent Drought Damage - Prevent against chilling injury, drought and decreases in incidence physiological disorder.

4. Prevent senescence of leaf and control transpiration - Helps with old cell and preventing excessive water loss through leaves.

5. Prevent overgrowth - Prevent excessive production of indoleacetic acid.

6. Prevent Collapse - Helps with water loss in plant so that it wont collapse.

7. Brix up - Using Silicate causes the quality of the crops or Brix to go up.

8. Control Oversupply of Potassium Nitrogen Phosphate - this will help so that the plant roots won't be damaged by oversupply of Potassium Nitrogen Phosphate.