Using our advanced technology, we have developed a highly efficient method of completely dissolving sulfur silicate into a solution known as Oboki. This innovative approach enables plants of any variety to absorb the dissolved sulfur at a remarkably high rate of 100%, resulting in significant benefits for crop growth and development. In contrast, traditional practices, such as mixing sulfur with lime powder and manually applying it to crops, not only yield lower absorption rates but also pose potential risks to farmers. With Oboki, however, farmers can achieve optimal absorption rates while ensuring safety and minimizing potential harm.

Our extensive research has revealed that the application of Oboki significantly enhances crop yield while simultaneously increasing the natural glucose content within the crops. Furthermore, plants treated with Oboki exhibit superior growth, strength, and overall health compared to regular crops. To further substantiate these findings, we conducted comparative analyses of the molecular structures of plants treated with Oboki and those without, revealing substantial disparities in their qualitative attributes.